Mar 282012
Paul's knee surgery

We’re back home and Paul is peacefully sleeping in the recliner.  The surgery went well. His meniscus was torn in two places and it was cleaned up and repaired.  He starts physical therapy on Friday. He had a good time posing for pictures at the surgical center.  If this post disappears,  you’ll know that the medication has worn off and he’s regained his senses.

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Mar 272012
Calming Storms

There has been so much going on here, so much to process, so much to do, so much to be.  It has kept me from blogging, but my mind has been whirring away.  Paul goes in for knee surgery tomorrow (torn meniscus  in two places, only one knee) and we’ve been running around getting set for that – groceries stocked, yard work done, you can imagine I am sure. It was a crazy busy weekend, doing the spring yard work […]

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Mar 182012
Prayer Time Funnies

We love St Patricks Day.  First off, it’s a grand holiday when the mother of the household doesn’t have to decorate, clean, cook elaborate meals, or set up presents.  There’s no candy wrappers, no red dye, no list of duties from the schools. It’s just fun and memory making, and we have the extra added bonus of it being our dog Pepper’s Gotcha Day.  For some of us that live here, the day of birth and the day of joining […]

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Mar 172012
Struggling; mostly with myself

Spring break isn’t much of a break for moms.  This year, with Abigail away, Justin mostly away on various manly adventures, Carolyn somewhat busy with her friends, it’s been me and the three youngest hanging out.  I get spoiled having personal care workers to help me with keeping up with Caleb’s exercising and hauling him around.  They are all gone this week, visiting their families over the spring break too. Not that I am not having a good time with […]

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Mar 152012
Details, catching up

I haven’t had much computer time this week, and when I do have the time, we are working on scholarship applications for Justin. It took more time to figure out  which ones he can apply for than it has to fill out the paper work and write the essays for the four that he’s going after.  Pray for him – he needs a little boost! It’s probably not what he had in mind for his spring break, but it it […]

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Mar 072012
Shameless Self Promotion

I will keep this short and sweet.  If you aren’t using an adblocker, you may have noticed that I have added some advertisements to the blog; Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate program are now installed.  I do not have editorial control over the ads.  We’re hoping to be able to cover the hosting costs for the site.  So far, we’ve made $3.42.  Whoop! Whoop! I receive  a small  referral payment  if you click through the Amazon affiliate ads on my […]

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Mar 062012
We need a dog - by Matt

Matthew wrote this for a school assignment.  He was supposed to write a five paragraph persuasive essay, and I think he did very well.  I wonder what triggered him to start thinking about getting a dog?   I think the best kind of dog is the German Shepherd. I think that because they look cool, they are kind, and they are in the Military and the Police. Another reason I like them is because they are the 3rd most intelligent […]

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Mar 052012
Ridiculously Cute

Lovely friends have gotten a new golden retriever pup. We were so glad to drop by and have a look at the new pup, but none of us were more impressed than Caleb was. He’s in love. He laughed and giggled and played with the puppy long after the other kids ran off to play and the adults went on  to drinking coffee.  Caleb just loves dogs in general, and this one in particular. We were able to resist the […]

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Mar 022012
Caleb - Moving with the Scooter, the Walker, and the Trampoline!

It’s been too long since I’ve updated on Caleb’s progress.  I am tired- it’s been crazy around here lately.  He’s had an ear infection this week, and with other issues gong on around here, I just haven’t sat down to write much about him.  But he is doing well.  He’s made progress that’s subtle.  He is bending his left knee upwards when he is taking a  step in the walker, and that’s huge -he used to swing it out sideways […]

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Mar 022012
The College Racket

Carolyn started her college search last weekend with a visit to Houston Baptist University; they were having a preview weekend, they have an RN program, and they’re a small school  in a big city.  So we drove over to have a look. She had a great time.  She loved the people and thought that it was a good environment on campus.  The mascot is a husky, and that’s very cool.  On the downside, it doesn’t have much walk-ability around the […]

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