Apr 192015
Bringing Home a New Child - Advice for First Days and Weeks

I was talking to a dear friend today about her impending adoption of a sweet girl from overseas. There is so much work, toil and strain in completing an adoption, and often placement seems like the finish line. But, it’s not. Those first days, weeks, and months are amazing, and they are hard. The heartbreak and simultaneous joy are like emotional whiplash, and the details of learning how to live with each other are overwhelming. So, here are  my practical […]

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Jan 082015
Disaster - Bravely  Averted

The blog has been quiet, and there’s many reasons for that. I have consciously not been sharing. There’s a bunch of posts in the queue that I may never publish, because I do not know if they are meant to be shared, concerning my opinions and thoughts. Those are never very popular anyways. If I write about depressing things or problems, those are my most popular posts, followed by my posts about my dogs. Opinion posts and happy posts about […]

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Dec 112014
Happy Christmas? Indeed.

Past Christmases with Joshua haven’t always been merry. He’s had Big Feelings around the holidays, and it taught us to scale back. It is not unusual at all for kids with traumatized pasts to act out on holidays or birthdays. We were at to one  his therapist appointments last month and  I brought up the fact that Christmas was coming, and let’s talk about how to navigate the season successfully this year. But what he said surprised me – he […]

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Jan 132014
How is Caleb doing?

I haven’t been posting enough on the blog lately. I’ve written several posts and then been vetoed by the family, which is cool with me. I am not going to publish anything that they object to. There’s more to life than the blog. One of the many things I haven’t posted about is Caleb. Somewhat that is because he isn’t doing anything too spectacular.  I was spoiled – those first few years had a meteoric trajectory of progress for him.  […]

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Jan 022014
Problems, Issues, Solutions.......

I’m an American. A can-do, individualist, workaholic American and many times that is an asset.  Sometimes, it isn’t, but many times it is neither an asset or liability, it’s just the way I am. I am thinking about that tendency this morning as I am reading and thinking and researching concerning some of Joshua’s issues. We had a psychologist run  some evaluations on Joshua.  He is doing well, especially considering his rough start in life, but he is having issues […]

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Nov 042013
Changed forever.

It’s a matter of some debate, whether your circumstances effect your character, your character affects your circumstances, or if circumstances merely reveal the character that was there all along. I’ll take all three options, please. For example, I have been pro-life pretty much forever. Still am. I used to think this meant voting Republican and marching in January, but then after I was a stay at home mother and my older children were tiny, I started to volunteer at a […]

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Oct 142013
Solving His Own Issues

There are some things that bother Joshua.  Among them are his birthday, his gotcha day, his adoption anniversary.  He does not do well on those occasions, and we have learned to scale way back on these.  We don’t celebrate Gotcha days except for a casual mention. Birthdays are harder to ignore, since the kids at school know about them and he wants to have a party and toys and friends, and yet he can’t enjoy them really and has often […]

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Oct 072013
Joshua's and Sasha's Big Moment

Ok, so maybe Sasha didn’t accomplish anything, but she sure thought she was involved. After many years, hundreds of attempts, and countless practice sessions, Joshua successfully tied a shoe. In this moment of triumph and excitement, a photo had to be taken. This first success was my shoe – bigger shoes are easier to tie.  He is now able to tie his own size shoe as well. Sasha could not have agreed more about the need for a photograph to […]

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Sep 232013
Building up: Boys and Legos

My kids love Legos.  Recently Matthew had a birthday, and Justin bought him an X Wing fighter, which was a pretty extravagant gesture for a broke college student, but much appreciated. The boys had a great time together building it, and Justin said it was just an excuse for him to play legos again even if he is too old for them now. You never get too old for Legos.  You just don’t. Legos are too expensive for us to […]

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Sep 162013
One reason among many

We get asked fairly regularly why we would adopt a kid who has disabilities, when clearly we are busy and have other things to do, many of which have serious merit. How does one choose how to spend their life and their time? The simple answer is that this is what God has called us to do; he needed a family and we have a family to share. It is complicated and difficult to parent a child, more so a […]

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