May 022013
Shameless bragging

It’s the last month of high school for Carolyn. This means AP tests, prom, reviews, field trips, and, in Carolyn’s case, awards ceremonies. This is a very sweet and precious time for us.  Carolyn was home schooled until 10th grade was over, and we made the choice together for her to go to the public high school for grades 11 and 12.   She needed more advanced instruction than I could provide, as I was chasing 6 kids, and yet someone […]

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Oct 272012
Carolyn's College Choice

Carolyn is now a senior in high school, and she’s been working through her options for college. She’s looked at several; Houston Baptist, University of Mary Hardin Baylor, University of Texas at Austin,  Baylor, and Texas State University. Carolyn could be accepted anywhere she wanted to go.  Her SAT scores are amazing, her grades fantastic, her demeanor charming. She’s a National Merit Commended Scholar, and already an AP scholar due to superior performance on AP tests she has already completed […]

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Mar 152012
Details, catching up

I haven’t had much computer time this week, and when I do have the time, we are working on scholarship applications for Justin. It took more time to figure out  which ones he can apply for than it has to fill out the paper work and write the essays for the four that he’s going after.  Pray for him – he needs a little boost! It’s probably not what he had in mind for his spring break, but it it […]

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Mar 022012
The College Racket

Carolyn started her college search last weekend with a visit to Houston Baptist University; they were having a preview weekend, they have an RN program, and they’re a small school  in a big city.  So we drove over to have a look. She had a great time.  She loved the people and thought that it was a good environment on campus.  The mascot is a husky, and that’s very cool.  On the downside, it doesn’t have much walk-ability around the […]

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