Nov 032014
Farewell Pepper

 Pepper has been a lovely pet. She’s never destroyed stuff, run off, dug up the garden, or been a pest in any way. She’s friendly. She’s kind. She’s not greedy for food, but she is pushy for attention and scratches. She’s low maintenance. If you want to walk, she’s there. If you want to nap, even better. She’s slowed down in the last year or two, and then three weeks ago she wouldn’t get off the couch one evening. We […]

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Feb 202014
Dog Problems

Anyone who knows me knows that I am silly about my dogs. I’m a dog person. When things are right with my dogs, things are right. I have companionship, loyalty, love and warm feet all rolled into these creatures that think I am the best person ever in spite of the fact that they are with me all the time. I have my own  personal trainer in Sasha who enthusiastically needs to be walked – a lot. I have amusement […]

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Sep 102012
Adventures with Pepper the Neurotic Schnauzer

Can dogs be neurotic? Absolutely. Pepper is a great little dog; kind, loving, loyal, everything a dog should be, even if she’s not the sharpest tack in the drawer.  I do love my little dog Pepper, but that dog has issues.  Many issues; too many to discuss in  one blog post. The most significant problem is definitely  fear of thunder. Before I had a smart phone to use to  check the weather , Pepper was the weather reporter around here.  […]

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Mar 182012
Prayer Time Funnies

We love St Patricks Day.  First off, it’s a grand holiday when the mother of the household doesn’t have to decorate, clean, cook elaborate meals, or set up presents.  There’s no candy wrappers, no red dye, no list of duties from the schools. It’s just fun and memory making, and we have the extra added bonus of it being our dog Pepper’s Gotcha Day.  For some of us that live here, the day of birth and the day of joining […]

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