May 162013
Caleb's Progress Update

I haven’t posted much about Caleb lately. I never did follow up with information about the Therasuit therapy that he went through in San Antonio.  Honestly, it was a bit of a  disappointment. Caleb did not want to cooperate, and while everyone has those moments, his moment went on for a long while.  He was just not interested in working.  He did get some benefits – the work that was done teaching him where his middle is was helpful, and […]

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Mar 142013
A Better Day

Prayer works. Thank you, everyone who is praying. Today at Caleb’s therapy session, he cooperated. He made good progress today.  Today he spent a long time suspended, while laying on his back. He is hanging from bungy like cords in this photo, and the straps you see on him laying on are cotton cloth. He was feeling pretty insecure there. He has been suspended there before, but the therapists have just been swinging him or wiggling him and he hasn’t […]

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Mar 132013
Greetings from University Hospital

I am having a hard time blogging this week.  I just don’t have the time.  It was challenging to think about committing to 3 hours a day of Physical therapy for Caleb ; more so at a location an hour away from the house; and then, to have the house sell and be moving and having a yard sale in the middle of the three weeks of therapy, well, that’s just ridiculous. But that is where we are. It took […]

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Feb 132013
An Abbreviated update of our crazy surprising happenings

It’s been quiet here on the blog. That means that I am too busy to get on here and post, and life is crazy. Oh, where to begin. Carolyn was inducted into the National Honor Society at the high school.  She’s ranked 3 out of 500 in her class right now, but still she didn’t qualify for NHS last year, and wasn’t picked for Unicorn Handler, because there was an error on her transcript that showed wrong grades and had […]

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Feb 052013
A Step Forward for Caleb - Literally!

Caleb has been in our home for almost three years.  He’s a year and two months out from his Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. He’s had hundreds of hours of therapy, and his progress has been slow and steady.  Yesterday, he had his first “Step” without a walker.  In the walker, a step is not the same as what typical people do.  The shifting of the weight, the balancing on one foot, the use of the upper body, are not involved in […]

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Jan 282013
Standing up

Today started off as a not so great Monday.  There was oversleeping and lateness, complaints about the menu for breakfasts and lunches, and one of the kids was in need of a doctor’s visit, so I was on the phone bright and early for that.  I was not expecting this to be a fun day or a great day. Just a crazy one full of details and schedules. The kid with the doctor’s appointment is fine and got a prescription; […]

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Sep 252012
Caleb stood up

It’s been a long time coming.  Caleb just really has struggled with learning to stand.  He wants to throw his head back, when it needs to come forward.  He wants to swing his arms, when he needs them to push down.  It’s been thousands of tries and thousands of repetitions of instructions. Today was the first time he followed all the instructions, and he popped up.  Once he’s there, he doesn’t have balance to stay there, but, hey, we’re excited.  […]

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Sep 082012
Underwear Grace

This week, Caleb announced that he wanted to wear underwear.  I would suppose that it’s obvious that Caleb isn’t potty trained yet.  He can’t get to the potty by himself, and his surgery last year wiped out his neurological system below his mid-back.  So he had to begin again with all skills below the surgery level, from toe wiggling to learning how to pee again. His desire to wear underwear was somewhat of a shock, but hey, I’m all for […]

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Aug 242012

Caleb got his new walking system, the TAOS, way way back in June.  He has really struggled with it.  It is designed to  take  his arms and throwing his upper body momentum out of the equation.  When we walk, if we were to throw our upper body forward first, it wouldn’t work out well. That’s the plan that Caleb has always used in his walker, since that’s what works for him.  However, he can’t get free of the walker and […]

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Apr 282012
A Great Day, and some Updates

Thanks for the questions and concern about Paul’s knee.  He is doing very well and he only has one more appointment for physical therapy to go.  He has full range of motion, and yesterday he commented that his knee feels better than it has in a very long time.  He’s good, and we’re shopping for an elliptical for the house for both of us to use to work on staying in shape, since our running days are mostly behind us.  […]

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