Miracle in the Living Room

Josh and Matt cleaned up the living room so that they could have TV privileges.  No, that’s not a miracle, although it is, almost.  The boys were happily enjoying their Phineas and Ferb TV show, when Caleb got off the couch,and was kneeling at the coffee table.  That’s exciting by itself.  Then, I told him if he would get his feet under him and stand all the way up, I would get him a skittle for a treat.  I felt a little cruel after I said it, since he can’t stand up yet, and especially since he has no ankle braces or shoes on right now.

But he just said, “Caleb do it!”, and he did.  All by himself, no help, no braces.  He is now enjoying his skittle while we rejoice with him.   It takes the breath away.

2 thoughts on “Miracle in the Living Room

  1. Wanda Smith

    What a remarkable time for you guys. I know it brings tears of joy, for me it also brings memories of our Josh when he was struggling to sit, crawl and walk. Amazing little Caleb, thanks Sue for sharing these beautiful moments with us. Blessings


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