Feb 152012

Caleb’s class had their Valentine Party last Friday.  He came home with a sack of treats, and I put it up high above the TV so he could enjoy them bit by bit.

Saturday morning, remarkably, we didn’t have a ton going on, and it was very quiet around the house.  Paul and I were talking about how quiet it was, and that no one had come to our room or started the day at the late hour of 8:30 was downright amazing and restful.  That’s when Josh RAN into the room, arms a flailing, mouth blue, and covered in stamps on his arms, and talking a mile a minute. “What are you guys doing? We’re having  a party! A party in our room! Caleb told me he would share his treats!  Those twist ties can be hard to use! I need to go to the bathroom! I”m thirsty!” and he ran back out again at top speed.  Oh dear.

We found a chair pushed up to the TV cabinet, and Josh had somehow silently gotten the “goods” down and taken them back to Caleb’s bed.  The mess was epic; wrappers, loose candies (they didn’t care for the Necco wafers, I guess), open stamp pads, stamps on their arms, food dye stained mouths, but boy was Caleb happy.  He said ,”Caleb share!  Party!” and was hyper too, which is very odd looking when a kid has cerebral palsy. He was sort of bunny hopping around on the bed, sending little wrappers and paper valentines trailing in his wake.   It is wrong to laugh out loud at the whole situation? I hope not.

I don’t think I have much chance at a future as a reality TV star, because I didn’t think about taking pictures of the mess until long after it was gone and the blue tongues had faded back to their natural hue.  It was pretty funny looking, but you’ll have to use your imaginations on that one.  Here’s a picture for you though.  This is Josh’s pet fake hedgehog, in his little house in his little cage made with love by Josh.  It will have to do, and it’s adorable.

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